Thrive Microfinance (Private) Ltd improves its social performance

Thrive Microfinance (Private) Ltd (THRIVE), a microfinance service provider based in Harare, Zimbabwe, has achieved an SPIR2 rating, which represents an improvement over its previous rating of SPIR2- obtained in 2017. The systematic implementation of a tool to measure the poverty level of its clients, together with a policy of communication of results and measures to improve awareness of personnel in environmental issues, stand out among the main drivers of this change.

Santiago Arnaudin, Director of Social Ratings at I[SR] said: “Thrive is an example of the successful implementation of an improvement roadmap, developed based on a social performance rating. The persistence of certain financial and macroeconomic risks, however, is a concern in the short term, that if left unattended could affect its longer term financial sustainability. “

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