"Las Zapas Limpias" viajan por el sur de África luchando contra la propagación del COVID19

I[SR] is pleased to support the “Las Zapas Limpias” Project via a financial donation to their Kickstarter page here.  The project is a social project initiated by a group of three Spanish social activists in Southern Africa who have undertaken a personal journey to record documentaries, provide resources and distribute medical supplies as a response to… Read More »

Comité de Responsabilidad Social y Ambiental de Inclusion [Social Ratings]

Through various initiatives in the different communities in which we operate, Inclusion [Social Ratings] joins efforts addressing the disease pandemic caused by COVID-19. “Protective Visor” project in Bahía Blanca, Argentina Our team in Bahia Blanca has implemented a cooperation scheme with the Technical School No. 1 in the city. The students of the school are… Read More »