“Las Zapas Limpias” travel through Southern Africa, fighting against the spread of COVID-19

I[SR] is pleased to support the “Las Zapas Limpias” Project via a financial donation to their Kickstarter page here.  The project is a social project initiated by a group of three Spanish social activists in Southern Africa who have undertaken a personal journey to record documentaries, provide resources and distribute medical supplies as a response to the COViD-19 in that part of Africa.

This group found themselves in South Africa when Spain went into crisis due to the Coronavirus. When they could not return to their homes and seeing that South Africa was going to close its doors as part of that country’s attempts to control the pandemic, they decided to not sit still and rather have started a journey to change the lives of those less fortunate, by visiting different NGOs from different countries and producing a documentary of their search for funds to prevent the arrival of the Coronavirus in these disadvantaged communities of Southern Africa. Their journey will take them through South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique and Kenya, where with the donations they raise, they will buy masks and disinfectants to distribute in those areas with the least resources in the countries visited.

We are proud to support these types of grassroot efforts around the world in their individual fights against the Covid-19.

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