Our Journey

Inclusion [Social Ratings] was established in 2015, under an exclusive affiliation agreement between our subsidiary, Inclusion [Africa] and the international rating agency Moody's. The objective of this collaboration was to assist Moody's in the development of social performance analysis and facilitation of marketing activities to carry out specific assessments that aimed to measure the social performance of MFIs in Africa.

However, Inclusion [SR]'s objective expanded beyond the offering of social performance assessments services to MFIs, towards providing social ratings to any other organization with a strong social mission anywhere in the world. This led to the establishment of Inclusion [Social Ratings] as an independent globally focused social rating agency.

Within our first year of operations we undertook 12 social performance ratings in Africa alone (including Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Benin, Burkina Faso and Senegal), making Inclusion the world's current leading social rating agency. We are now expanding our activities in other continents including Asia and Latin America.