About Us

Improving quality of life, promoting human dignity.

We are driven by the desire to maximize the financial and social return to all stakeholders in the companies we assess. Our ratings reflect this vision by not only measuring financial performance of our client’s projects and programmes, but more importantly their social performance.


We provide socially-grounded yet robust and independent financial and social services to Banks, Microfinance Institutions (MFIs), Investment Funds, Asset Managers, Micro Insurance providers, Foundations, NGOs, Social Businesses and other type of organizations with a strong social mission.

Through our social performance and impact ratings, we enable individuals, institutions and businesses to use their financial resources more consciously and in ways that benefit both people and the environment.

Our mission differentiates us from other traditional rating agencies, whose primary focus is to provide credit rating services.


Our partners include a large and diverse group from Social Organizations, to Multilateral Banks, Investment Banks and International Financial Institutions, Foundations as well as Socially-Oriented Investment Funds. All these organizations receive our published SPIR Reports as well as our regular newsletters.

We are members of:
- SPTF (Social Performance Task Force)
- African Microfinance

Lend with Care has also recognized Inclusion as one of the key Social Rating Agencies.