The ADAPAMI project plans to support Benin MFIs for smart certification

The “Support Project for the Development and Professionalization of the Microfinance Sector in Benin” (ADAPAMI), funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC) and implemented by DID, aims to contribute to the improvement of the economic situation of Beninese less-favored populations, including women, through capacity building of key players in the microfinance sector. More specifically, the project aims to:

  • Strengthen state supervision and the health of the microfinance sector.
  • Strengthen management practices within institutions offering financial services for disadvantaged populations.
  • Increase financial inclusion, especially for people living in rural areas, women and youth.

The ADAPAMI project aims to increase access to financial services for 500,000 new users, including 335,000 women, and to provide better financial services, especially for women. It also includes, in particular, the important component of financial education. It will also be about modernizing the microfinance sector and making it more professional. To achieve aims, it will be necessary to work steadily to strengthen the capacity of MFIs in terms of credit management, financial operations, integration of EFH issues and environmental issues. With the additional focus on improving customers  protection, support will be provided for SMART Certification of MFIs in Benin.