Meeting our colleagues from Lendwithcare and its MFI partners

Lendwithcare (LwC), Care International UK‘s microfinance lending platform initiative for entrepreneurs, and Inclusion [Social Ratings] began their collaboration in 2017 to promote the strengthening of Social Performance Management practices of LwC‘s MFI partners. This collaboration has led to the development of a social performance program, which includes the execution of a Social Performance and Impact Rating (SPIR) for selected partners. The program was initiated in 2017 with the launch of two pilot projects, the first in Cambodia, followed by the second project in Zimbabwe. In 2018, we hope to extend the program to other countries and regions.

As part of this collaboration, on Wednesday 21st of March, we had the pleasure of participating and leading a social performance session at the workshop that Lendwithcare organized in London for its Microfinance Institution partners. A total of 10 MFIs, out of its 14 partners, along with a number of LwC staff were present at the workshop, which resulted in a great variety of experiences being shared.

The objective of the session was to introduce to the participants what social performance is and the benefits that the adoption of social performance management practices can bring to their organizations. Thrive and CCSF/Borvor Microfinance also shared with the group the results of their SPIR rating and their experience during the process, as well as how they have benefited from the diagnostic to improve or redesign their operations and practices. In addition, LwC also shared their views as to the value of the social rating as a tool that can be used by impact investors to get the information needed to make more informed investment decisions and to identify which institutions are most efficient at putting their mission into practice.

The MFIs present at the workshop were Akhuwat Microfinance (Pakistan), CCSF/Borvor Finance (Cambodia), FACES Microfinance (Ecuador), Lamac Multi-Purpose Co-operative (the Philippines), MACDI Microfinance (Vietnam), Microloan Foundation Malawi, Microloan Foundation Zambia, Reef Microfinance (Palestine), Thrive Microfinance (Zimbabwe) and Umutanguha Finance (Rwanda).