Inclusion [Social Ratings] launches its new Client Protection Certification  

We are happy to announce the launch of our ISR Client Protection Certification, a diagnostic tool for MFIs designed to thoroughly examine their implementation of the Client Protection Principles.

We are committed towards building a more inclusive and sustainable world. This new certification product helps assess the policies and practices of MFIs in relation to client protection, and the likelihood of having a positive impacting on client lives. The ultimate aim is to help social organizations and their donors/investors to more effectively ensure high standards in customer care.

The ISR Client Protection Certification is based upon a combination of a proprietary scorecard methodology, where data captured from documents and information provided directly by the MFI to certifiers, is input directly.

“This product builds on our extensive experience in the social rating and certifying industry and considers previous developments in industry-developed standards…” said Santiago Arnaudin, Managing Director at Inclusion [Social Ratings]. “… The ISR Client Protection Certification is designed to provide global comparability among a wide range or MFIs. Most of the factors evaluated under the ISR Client Protection Certification are important in every region of the world as well as across different sectors.”

To find out more about the ISR Client Protection Certification or any of our other ratings click here.