Co-funding opportunity available for Social Performance ratings and audits in Africa – The Responsible Microfinance Facility

If you are a Financial Service Provider (FSP) and your organization is interested in strengthening its social performance management practices, do not miss this co-funding opportunity under the Responsible Microfinance Facility (RMF).

Funded by AFD and managed by the Social Performance Task Force, the RMF offers the following types of co-financing grants:

  • Social Rating to assess FSP’s capacity and ability to oversee, manage and monitor its performance in its drive to achieve its social mission.
  • Smart Certification to get an exhaustive, independent
 view of a financial institution’s client protection practices.
  • Accompanied SPI4 audit “plus”. This allows FSPs to evaluate their practices against the full set of Universal Standards.
  • Smart Assessment. This allows FSPs to evaluate themselves against Smart Campaign’s client protection standards.
  • An upgrade project chosen by the FSP.
  • Specialized training for the FSP on an aspect of SPM of its choosing.

Please contact us if you are interested in knowing more about this opportunity and interested in having us accompany you on your social rating and audit journey: Ana de Miguel ( or Gilles Da Costa (