Call for SPI4 Co-Financing Support

The MFC and Cerise, managers of the Social Performance Fund (SP Fund), are inviting MFIs to apply to the SP Fund to obtain co-financing support to conduct a SPI4 Audit Plus. The “SPI4 Social Audit Plus” assessment is an accompanied self-assessment, followed by the adoption of a clear action plan for 9 to 12 months and implementation of prioritized actions by the MFI.

If you are an MFI and you are interested in conducting a SPI4, please note that our Social Rating Agency -Inclusion [Social Ratings]- counts with SPI4 qualified auditors that can help your organization in the application process and accompany your institution in conducting the assessment.

The call for proposal is open for MFIs from the following regions: Europe, Central Asia, Latin America and the MENA region The deadline to apply is July 2017.