Social Performance

The effective translation of an institution’s mission into practice in line with accepted social values

2 thoughts on “Social Performance

  1. I would like to know the social impact of ACBA bank (credit AGRICOLE bank)? Their mission is “Providing loans and other high-quality banking services throughout Armenia to entrepreneurs and companies with feasible development perspectives in agriculture, trade, production and service, as well as rendering full scope of banking services to individuals.”

    • Dear Yili,
      Thank you for contacting I[SR]. We do not currently rate ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank (which I assume you mean the bank in Armenia), nor are we aware of any social performance or impact rating for them by any other institution. They are rated by Moody’s, but that s a traditional credit rating which does not address any aspect of social performance nor impact. Unfortunately, our rating methodology requires the cooperation of the rated entity in order to do a proper due diligence. You might consider approaching the bank directly and ask for their social performance rating and suggest that they contact us to perform one for them.

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