Annonce d’une Note de Soutenabilité Financière (FSR) : IDER CV

Inclusion [Social Ratings] a publié aujourd'hui une nouvelle note de Soutenabilité Financière (FSR) attribuée à Instituto de Desarrollo Regional Cesar Vallejo (IDER CV), une Organisation Non Gouvernementale de Développement basée à Trujillo, au Pérou.

IDER CV’s social mission states that, “We are a consolidated, competitive and reliable institution that provides social and economic services to help improve the living conditions of the population, with priority in the rural – urban excluded and emerging areas of Peru.”

Inclusion [Social Ratings] assigned IDER CV an FSR rating grade of FSR3, following remote due diligence of the organization’s operations and interviews with staff. A FSR3 grade indicates that an organization’s infrastructure and processes are consistent with a good likelihood of operating in the best interests of its clients and beneficiaries, that this is among its high priorities and that it attempts to manage the risk of causing adverse effect to its beneficiaries and other stakeholders.

An FSR3 rating is consistent with an MFI that:

– adheres to good practice in most of the key FSR factors,
– demonstrates that it has adequate information systems, internal controls and procedures related to the information provided for the FSR,
– exhibits a decent trend of financial results and there are some risks to future earnings potential,
– maintains reasonable standards in terms of client and financial resource protection practices.

Inclusion [Social Ratings]’s FSR on IDER CV is based on Inclusion [Social Ratings]’s Financial Sustainability Rating Methodology. An FSR measures financial sustainability on a fifteen-point scale, in which FSR1+ is the highest grade and FSR5-, the lowest.

About Inclusion [Social Ratings]’s Financial Sustainability Ratings

Le FSRS de Inclusion [Social Ratings] évalue la performance financière d’une organisation non seulement en examinant ses résultats passés, mais aussi en examinant la qualité de sa structure opérationnelle et financière et les processus qu’elle utilise pour évaluer la probabilité que cette performance soit maintenue dans l'avenir. Il comprend également des entrevues avec les clients sur le terrain et/ou par téléphone ainsi que des entrevues avec le personnel des agences afin d’évaluer les niveaux de performance financière découlant des activités de l’organisation.

Un rapport de notation complet peut également être téléchargé sur notre site web à l'adresse ici.

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