The SPI4 is a social performance assessment tool, created by our partner Cerise, for financial service providers that help them evaluate their level of implementation of the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management.

It is fully aligned with the 6 dimensions of the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management and Client Protection Certification Standards (see graphic below).

Our team is able to conduct Accompanied SPI4 Audit and SPI4 Audit Plus assessments. SPI4 Social Audit Plus involves a SPI4 audit plus a customized activity. For example:

  • SPI4 audit + post-assessment mentoring: The financial institution conducts a SPI4 with a qualified SPI4 Inclusion auditor. Inclusion’s auditor will work with the MFI management team immediately following the assessment to prioritize areas for improvement and develop an action plan + mentoring activities.
  • Pre-training + SPI4 audit: For financial institutions that are new to SPM, a qualified Inclusion SPI4 auditor organizes an awareness-raising workshop on SPM first, and then conducts the SPI4 audit.
  • Participatory SPI4 audit: For large financial institutions, a qualified SPI4 auditor dedicates a longer time to the SPI4 audit process, in order to include a wider range of stakeholders (staff at HQ, Board members, but also branch staff, clients, other external partners).

Why do an SPI4 Assessment?

  1. To acquire a quick accompanied initial social performance assessment
  2. To get a roadmap to improve your organization's practice
  3. To identify areas of improvement in your organization's social performance practice

Inclusion has analysts, trained and certified by Cerise, that can support an MFI conduct SPI4 audit. See here for more information about SPI4.

The Six Universal Standards