Social Ratings

Inclusion has designed its Social Performance Rating System (SPRS) to measure the social performance and impact of a microfinance institution ("MFI") and/or social businesses.

This rating system is based on an analysis of the organisation's capacity and ability to oversee, manage and monitor its performance in its drive to achieve its social mission.

The SPRS assesses whether the organization in question is achieving a positive impact on its intended beneficiaries. It does this through reviewing how effective the organization is at translating its mission into practice and to what extent it has been successful in that effort.

The SPIR Output

The result of an SPRS is then expressed through a Social Performance & Impact Rating (SPIR); an output which enables the organisation in question to identify areas where it is performing well as well as areas where it can improve its social performance. Specifically, the SPIR also provides:

  1. An analysis into how these organisations oversee, manage and monitor their performance as they seek to achieve their social mission.
  2. An insight into how effective these organisations are at putting their mission into practice.
  3. Establish if a socially driven organisation is operating in the best interests of its beneficiaries which is done by measuring, amongst other factors, the SE's Social Impact and Social Output/Outcome.
  4. Transparent and globally comparable means of highlighting an MFI’s and/or Social Businesses strengths and weaknesses in terms of social performance.
  5. Investors with the information needed to make more informed socially oriented investment decisions and identify which institutions are truly contributing to their communities’ social and economic development.
  6. Technical advisors with an understanding as to where specific technical support is most needed.

The SPIR can also be mapped to/is aligned to other social measurement initiatives (e.g. SPTF’s Universal Standards and the SMART Campaign). Find out how we measure our SPIRs or see our list of published SPIR ratings.

Why do a social rating?

  • To assess your organisation's effectiveness at translating its mission into practice
  • To increase your organization's reputation based on its compromise to social performance
  • To identify areas of improvement relevant to social performance within your organisation
  • To attract interest from investors, donors and clients
  • To increase the opportunities to borrow capital
  • Earn trust with important stakeholders of the industry

Download methodology

SPIR methodology (English)