Financial Ratings

Our Microfinance Financial Rating provides an independent opinion on long-term institutional viability and creditworthiness while at the same time integrating, where possible, relevant Social Performance Factors into the assessment such as client protection, governance, and environment.

Inclusion's Financial rating is different from a credit rating, as unlike a credit rating, our financial ratings look at various dimensions of the organistaion in question, with the aim of providing an opinion on the probability that an this organisation will remain a viable business in the long run. Credit ratings, on the other hand, focus more on providing an opinion on its likelihood of default, or its ability and willingness to meet its financials and in the short term. This difference of focus (i.e. one on the institution itself, and the other on its financial obligations only) leads to a different analytical approach and a different on-site rating process.

Even though Inclusion's Financial Rating includes in its analysis some social performance factors, the question about the capacity of your institution to translate its social mission into practice can be only answered with a Social Performance Rating.

Factors included in our Financial Ratings:

  • Governance
  • Organization and Operations
  • Financial Sustainability
  • Client protection
  • Financial Environment

Why do a financial Rating?

  1. To acquire independent information about your organization's institutional viability
  2. To acquire a double-bottom line assessment (financial and social performance)
  3. To distinguish your organization in the market as a leader in social performance