Inclusion’s primary market activities are to rate entities from both a social or financial perspective. We rate:

  • microfinance institutions (MFIs);
  • social businesses;
  • financial institutions;
  • corporate sector

Positive social and environmental impact

We also rate other entities or their securities, whose business model or objectives include a significant commitment to promoting a social and environmental benefit.

Inclusion has developed its own proprietary social impact rating methodology for assessing Social Businesses, Socially Responsive Corporations, and MFIs. In addition to our rating services, we also provide social performance audits and assessments  - see our SPI4, Client Protection and ESG services below.

All of our ratings and assessments are internationally comparable, based upon transparent and easily understood methodologies and criteria. Inclusion is seeking regulatory authorization and licenses in those jurisdiction where required for operating as a credit rating agency.

Inclusion [Social Ratings] Services

Social Performance & Impact Ratings

Financial Ratings

Client Protection

Environmental, Social, Governance

Organisations with a social mission

  • Roadmapping for improved social performance
  • Consolidation of social performance data to communicate to stakeholders
  • Attract funding for investors

Banks and corporates

  • Industry benchmarking
  • Consolidation of data by region and country (where available) to highlight the social performance achievements
  • Data gathering for relevant market research


  • Attract investment from shareholders
  • Provision of comparative data and analysis for investment decisions
  • Provision of customised social performance reports

Technical advisors

  • Provision of customised analysis to help TAs refine their support approaches
  • Allows TAs to assess existing practices and determine where assistance is most needed


  • Information for regulators on social performance trends
  • An independent opinion on MFI performance and regulation compliance
  • Recommendations for regulation improvement