Juhudi Kilimo

Juhudi is a private company that was established to provide microfinance services and asset-backed financing to smallholder farmers and enterprises in rural Kenya. It was a subsidiary of K-Rep Group, a diversified group of companies that have provided banking and other financial services, consulting and technical services, and research and product development in the Kenyan microfinance sector since 1984. In 2009 Juhudi took over the asset-financing portfolio of K-Rep Development Agency, a K-Rep Group-sponsored non-governmental organization (NGO), to support the growth of the portfolio on an independent basis. 

Location: Kenya

What are Social Performance Ratings

Social Performance Ratings (SPRs) analyze how effective an organization is in  translating its mission into practice. It encompasses the organization's objectives, systems, services, human resources and results, as well as its use of performance indicators.

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