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Inclusion [Social Ratings] is the world’s first global social rating agency.

We deliver independent social performance & impact ratings to socially minded private and public sector organisations to help them enhance their social impact and improve their financial performance. Our transparent, user-friendly and easily shareable social performance metrics also assist potential investors in their strategic investment decisions and help attract social investment funding for social enterprises.

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Social Performance & Impact Ratings analyze how effective an organization is at translating its mission into practice. It encompasses the organization's objectives, systems, services, human resources and results, as well as its use of performance indicators.


Latest news

Sri Lanka government announces debt relief in drought-hit areas and rate cap for microloans

Mangala Samaraweera, the Finance and Mass Media Minister of Sri Lanka, announced that nearly 75,000 women who took non-consumption microloans in areas affected by droughts will be eligible for debt relief. In addition, Samaraweera said that measures will be taken to cap interest rates from 40%-220% currently, to a threshold of 30%. Sources: Mangala Samaraweera […]


Achieving financial inclusion: the importance of using bank accounts and innovation

For nearly a decade, the international community and the governments are making joint efforts to develop financial inclusion. The challenge is to set up an accessible financial system while encouraging stability as well as fairness, in order to achieve financial universal access by 2020. The goal is to successfully increase to one billion world-wide, the […]



Conference “Finance for Refugees; making it work” Sep 7, The Hague, Netherlands Organized by the Platform for Inclusive Finance (NpM), a Dutch platform that brings together development organizations, social investors and banks, operating in the inclusive finance sector. Among the objectives of the conference is to discuss the offer of financial services to refugees, demonstrate […]