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Inclusion [Social Ratings] is the world’s first global social rating agency.

We deliver independent social performance & impact ratings to socially minded private and public sector organisations to help them enhance their social impact and improve their financial performance. Our transparent, user-friendly and easily shareable social performance metrics also assist potential investors in their strategic investment decisions and help attract social investment funding for social enterprises.

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Social Performance & Impact Ratings analyze how effective an organization is at translating its mission into practice. It encompasses the organization's objectives, systems, services, human resources and results, as well as its use of performance indicators.


Latest news

Annual Benin Microfinance Conference

In August, Gilles da Costa, Regional Director Inclusion [Africa], spoke at the 12th National Microfinance conference in Benin. The main topic was “Responsible Inclusive Microfinance and Microenterprise Development”. The Conference was organized by Consortium Alafia.


Grameen Bank opens branch in Japan

The Grameen Bank, one of the world’s best known pioneers of modern microfinance, has opened an office in Japan on September 13. Grameen Nipon, started operations as a money lender, on the same day of its inauguration and plans to reach those eligible for welfare benefits and low-income earners. More information can be found here.


Peru introduce changes to chattel mortgage regime

The Peruvian government has issued in September a decree on the regulation of movable guarantees. According to the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the purpose of the new regime is to allow better costs and access to financing for entrepreneurs, and improve guarantees’ information system. More information can be found here (available in Spanish only).


Britain’s New Radicals

According to Nesta (UK Innovation Fund), the idea behind finding and celebrating Britain’s New Radicals was that we should shift the spotlight and celebrate the people who have given birth to great ideas that are actually useful in the world. Every two years, Nesta and Observer, make a list of people shaping the world, often […]